To draw attention to its Food Waste Report 2019, Rabobank Australiƫ visits a number of larger towns with an event truck that demonstrates the consequences of over-buying. Australian consumers this year will spend a rough 10 billion local dollars on food that is not consumed, 13% of their weekly shopping bill.

At the event Rabobank presents several statistics. It points out how food waste affects the environment and suggests alternatives. The smart event truck unfolds into a complete hospitality village that caters for local hotshots, the press and probably several Rabobank clients in the food industry. On Facebook the bank invites its followers to join in. But they have to bring their own lunch.

Food Waste is a global theme for Rabobank, that has positioned itself as the preferred bank to the food industry. In the Netherlands Rabobank is promoting a Food Waste Challenge in the hospitality domain, employing Waste Watchers to visit local bars and restaurants.

One of SEM’s smart event managers is currently preparing a truck tour in the Netherlands for a company that wants to educate the general public about its products.