A while ago I was invited by Startup Delta to join a webinar for foreign startups that want to launch in the Netherlands. Such a webinar might be relevant for foreign freelancers who plan to work in Europe as a smart event marketer, I reckoned. We see a growing demand for young professionals who speak a few languages and love to help organise workshops, product launches, vlogger meet-ups and many other happenings.

I know Startup Delta as a great event organiser. Recently they had a summit in Arnhem, in a former energy plant at the Kleefse Waard. One of those industrial monuments that is now a hotpot of new activities. And last autumn they invited the world to an inspiring four day StartupFest on several locations in the Netherlands. With a meeting on the beach, one in our ancient parliament buildings and another at the Shell Labs in Amsterdam.

So I watched that webinar. It is embedded in this blog, but I have to warn you. There are more exciting video’s for startups. This one was made for Business.gov.nl (a Dutch government agency) and they seem at the beginning of a learning curve in social media. That is a long climb, I can tell you from personal experience. Vlogging is a skill. There are so many ways to tell a story. Maybe we should invite a few vlog buddies to join SEM. Help create exciting video events and event videos! There is a demand for your expertise at existing companies and government agencies that want to vlog too.

Anyway: the webinar contains useful info for foreign startups, especially those from outside the EU. It lasts one hour and a bit, so make sure you have popcorn at hand.